How to Retain Your SEO Performance When Changing the Website Domain?

Why bother if it’s so risky? Why take the risk of losing the SEO ranking that you have worked hard for many years? In many cases, a domain change is a strategic move rather than a performance tune, and there are various reasons why a company may choose to change its website domain. Some of […]

How to Use AWS CloudWatch to Analyse Crawl Budget and Crawl Rate

Understanding Crawl Budget The terminology refers to how much attention you get from search engine crawling and indexing is called “crawl budget” or “crawl rate.” Crawl budget refers to the amount of time and resources that search engines allocate to crawl and index a website. It is determined by various factors, including the website’s size, […]

Choosing ccTLD is a No-brainer

How many times businesses planning to go global ended up only doing businesses in their domestic markets? When it comes to domains, we often got it wrong and what’s even worse is people failed to recognise the downside of using the wrong domain type, such as using .com instead of in the Australian market. […]

How to Avoid the Risk of Loosing SEO Ranking When Rebuilding Your Website

There are many reasons why businesses may decide to rebuild their websites. Some of the most common ones are: Outdated design: An outdated website design can make your business look unprofessional and may not be optimised for modern devices and screen sizes. Rebuilding your website can help to give it a fresh, modern look and […]

Hardening LAMP Stack

Prerequisites Ubuntu 22.04, Apache 2.4, MySQL 8 and PHP8 on a GCP VM. Ubuntu 22.04 Enabling Ubuntu auto update Change Default SSH Port You can change the default SSH port from 22 to something else in sshd_config then restart your sshd service – make sure keep your current SSH connection open until your new port […]

http to https, www to non-www Redirect

When it comes to search engine indexing, we need to ensure only ONE version of either https://non-www or https://www indexed. Our preferred way is to use https:/non-www as the default website address, such as This requires all other three website address variants to be redirected at the server level to your default URL. If […]

How to Create the SEO Content Marketing Strategy That You Need

In recent years, when people say digital marketing, the most common perception is heavily reliant on the practice of SEO and content marketing. But as popular as they are, you often read or hear about them discussed separately. It’s like SEO has its own lane, and so does content marketing. But we live in a […]

Learn How To Build Backlinks By Serp.Co

Credit: We’re honored to feature this artcile originally written by Devin Schumacher from SERP Co. You can read the full article here. Backlinks: Rocket fuel for your SEO rankings.  In this article, we will map out every type of backlink that’s worth building, teach you how to build them, and even what order they should […]

Magento eCommerce – Fix your Google Search Console Coverage Server Errors(5xx)

This article covers: How to fix Google Search Console Coverage Server Error (5xx) for Magento stores How to create a large number of 301 redirects with Google Sheet Audiences of this article: Magento stores experiencing indexing/coverage issues, which is likely to be caused by changing product categories This could also apply to other types of […]

SEO Audit Checklist for Information Website 2019

This article covers: How to perform SEO audits for information websites? Introduce some of the commonly used technical SEO audit techniques This article’s target audiences: Business owners who want to improve their website’s search ranking This article’s scope: Information websites Google Search Engine We all agree that top ranking is a good thing because it […]