eCommerce Solutions for SMBs

We are always excited about getting local businesses found online, with a focus on eCommerce developing & digital marketing. Our solid web development expertise combined with hands-on online marketing experiences allow us to provide pragmatic solutions to address real business issues. We believe data analysis should be emphasised in online marketing, therefore our strategy should come from the alignment of business requirements, technology and strong analytical skills.  Join us for a bright eCommerce future where you invest in one season and harvest the next.

A Strategic Partnership

While most digital agencies blindly offering retainer-based services to new clients, we ditched the cookie-cutting practice. Instead, we take time to understand and evaluate your business and current financial situation. When it comes to selling online, your business structure, products, geo-location, customer demographics, brand awareness as well as internal resources all play an important role to your online success. Only by thoroughly analysing your market niche, customers and business assets, will we be able to customise a tailored eCommerce plan to help you put your best foot forward towards online success. We’ve always believed in the power of a strategic partnership where the expertise of both parties should benefit each other.

Ready for Magento 2

Unlike using many other shopping cart solutions, getting into Magento has a steep starting curve. The sophistication of Magento architecture demands for the very best web developers, and its powerful eCommerce features often keep store owners on their toes. We started Magento 2 development in 2016 and launched one of the world’s earliest Magento stores the same year. Four years later we soldier on, delivering stunning online stores to business of all types and sizes. As agreed by many fellow developers, Magento 2 is a beast to work on and like many things in life – the greater the persistence the geater the rewards. Getting on top of Magento 2 can really change our eCommrece world for the better.

Our Mission & Vision

Let the entrepreneurial dream come true, help craftsmanship, niche businesses, traditions and family spirits survive in today’s fast-growing digital economy. We aim to provide the most affordable custom eCommerce solutions for small and medium businesses, with ongoing support to help our clients to get where they wanted to be quicker and safer.


A glimpse of what we celebrated after many cups of coffees and some bittersweet moments

May, 2011 CodeIgnitor

Started our first Codeigniter web project, the well known MVC architecture took root at eHarvest.

Oct, 2011 Zend Lucene

While working on a side project that never made to production, we dived into the core of Zend Lucene search engine. From observing how the search engine works from an algorithm point of view, we’ve become a firm believer in the role of keywords in SEO till this day.

April, 2012 WordPress Development

WordPress has become such a dominant platform, we started to shift our focus on WordPress development. It was a tough transition from MVC to WordPress as the former was famous for its code elegance and security, which were exactly what WordPress struggled with. Yet the needs of having user friendly CMS has grown so contagiously so we had to move on.

February, 2013 Email Marketing

We started Email Marketing – endless template design, testing and tackling Outlook – the Email Monster. It was a lot of work to get the weekly news look beautiful yet the results were promising – EDM remained many local businesses’ bread & butter since their very first mailouts.

June, 2013 Google AdWords Certificate

We received our very first Google AdWords and Google Analytics certificates. We started tagging with GTM, finding the most relevant KPIs for each client. Later on, we’ve included Google Analytics training as part of our project handover training – one of our missions is to make our clients data-savvy!

April, 2014 Magento Development

We started to explore Magento since many traditional B2Bs started to adopt shopping cart solutions to sell directly to consumers. Magento was no doubt the most promising and matured platform for eCommerce and one exciting fact has really delighted us was that: Magento uses MVC concept, which indicated it’s highly scalable and of course, offers better security out of the box.

August, 2014 System Integration

When online stores reach certain sizes in sales, it’s inevitable that many time-consuming tasks such as Order Processing, Invoicing, Inventory Management and Shipping need to be automated. For businesses with retail stores, there was also a challenge to source the most economical POS solutions to fit in the eCommerce integration.

Feb, 2015 Google Cloud

As we started to work on eCommerce project, we began to build dedicated hosting environments for our clients, which was much needed for performance, security, backup plans as well as development. Depends on store size, we offer cloud hosting plans from both local and International experts such as AWS and Google Cloud.

Nov, 2015 Magento 2

Magento 2 finally made its debut, and we quickly got our hands on it. After working on version 1 for a few projects, we noticed there’re plenty of reasons to get excited about the second generation. But the issue was a lack of support from third parties and numerous bugs in comparison to the much-refined M1.

May, 2016 Started First Magento Store Project

We started our first Magento 2 store – a men’s accessories business with models include both B2B and B2C. It featured Magento 2.0, various payment options such as AfterPay, PayPal and eWay, flexible shipping options, eBay integration, customer journey automation, a dedicated wholesale ordering platform, store locator and all the cool stuff comes with M2.

Mar, 2017 A Disaster From Crucial Hosting Australia

We included this to remind us that – as developers, safeguard our data should be our first priority! In March 2017, we had one of our web servers completely wiped out due to an incident happened in the data centre. We put our clients’ benefits in the first place, paused all ongoing projects and rebuilt the lost stores at no cost. Since then we’ve developed much more robust backup plans with all worst possible scenarios in mind. We also understood having blind faith in the so-called unbreakable cloud hosting is nothing but naive.

Mar, 2017 Build Our First Magento 2 Module

After we got a hang of Magento 2 code base, we started to write our very own modules based on clients’ requirements. It was much needed as third-party solutions were scarce at that stage. After a bit of trial and errors, we built a dedicated B2B dashboard for one of our happy clients.

Sep, 2017 Started Business Photography

Since our main focus in the past three years has been eCommerce developing, one thing that constantly troubled us was getting product images right – many of our clients’ online stores were compromised by poor quality images. So we started to invest in product photography studio to better present the products we promote.

From the moment we stepped into the web industry, we’ve served clients big or small, across industries such as home building, construction & supplies, education, legal, nursery & gardens, technology, manufacturing & fabrication, fishing & outdoors, fashion, pharmaceutical, and the list goes on. Join us for your next online adventure!