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eHarvest is a Sydney-based team of web developers and digital marketers who are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses establish and maintain their online presence. With over a decade of experience in WordPress, Magento, SEO, and SEM, we have the expertise to create websites that showcase your business and take your eCommerce to the next level. We are a web developer-led digital agency that values quality work and is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest web trends and technologies.

To ensure your project’s success, we begin with a deep dive into your business, understanding its unique qualities, what drives you, your values, and your long-term goals. We believe that a website should have a clear purpose and its main goal is to represent your business and drive revenue. That’s why we often go beyond just building websites to help you establish a meaningful online presence that engages and converts your customers.

Web Design

We’re your one-stop shop for all your website needs, from photography to design and build. We offer an affordable web design package to get your business found on Google.


Power your online stores with one of the most promising eCommerce platforms trusted worldwide. Learn how Magento 2 can open up new possibilities like never before.

Digital Marketing

Already have a website and looking for ways to generate more leads? Get in touch with our SEO and Paid Ads specialists, and learn the nitty-gritty of how to maximise your ROI.

eCommerce Ecosystem in a Nutshell

The seemingly sophisticated eCommerce lifecycle can be simplified into three phases


Building an online store on a dedicated eCommerce platform such as Magento gives your more freedom in terms of bespoke capability, which often results in faster time to market and a better Omnichannel experience. It also allows you to stay true to your brand and be recognisable. Any engineering project is only as good as the definition, which is why we dig deep to help you visualise the expected results.


Similar to opening a local business, your online store requires consistent marketing efforts and budgets to grow your customer base and keep them engaged. Then once it’s established, customer retention becomes equally important. We can help you throughout the journey by using some of the tried and true digital marketing practices such as SEO, SEM, CVO and Content Marketing.


Refine is the process keeps businesses in the game. eCommerce has quickly become the new normal and even more so with AI and IoT. Similar to brick and mortar absorbing new ideas to remain relevant, online businesses should constantly improve their growth strategy. The numbers game has evolved into a much more sophisticated form and certain tools are becoming an integral part of business success.

Our Expertise Will Make a Difference

With over 10 years experience helping SMBs grow, here is a glimpse of what we do

So, you’re running an Omnichannel Business

Omnichannel commerce is a highly competitive space where customer convenience and seamless shopping experiences are paramount. Achieving this requires a significant investment in technology and skilled personnel to ensure consistent brand messaging, inventory synchronization, and sharing the buyer’s journey across multiple channels. Despite the challenges, a successful omnichannel approach can be a powerful way to engage with customers and build brand loyalty.

Need help with your online store?

We don’t just build online stores, we help you achieve business success. Our strength in web development, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing can help you take out the guesswork. If you have a good business plan, a realistic budget, great products plus a can-do attitude, you’ve come to the right place.