How to Export Product Reviews from Magento 2 Database

Prerequisites Magento 2 EE, MySQL 8 and PHPMyAdmin, Docker (doing this in a production Environment is not recommended) Install PHPMyAdmin in Docker It can be tricky to install PHPMyAdmin in Docker vs a traditional LAMP stack as you need a basic understanding of Docker Network. See commands and comments below: Up to this point, you […]

Update Magento from 2.3.0 to 2.3.4

This article covers: Audiences of this article: Getting Magento 2.3 file and folder permission right One of the most confusing areas about Magento 2 development is getting the file system owner and permission right. Due to a lack of workable official recommendations, prior to Magento 2.3, there were thousands of threads floating around the Internet […]

How to Update Magento 2.3 Website URL in MySQL

This article covers: Update Magento 2.3 Base URL in MySQL A culprit of flushing Magento 2 cache in command line Audiences of this article: Magento 2.3 developers Find the rows of base_url in core_config_data Table Both secure and unsecure base_url are located in table core_config_data. If you’re not familiar with core_config_data structure, use MySQL LIKE […]

Magento eCommerce – Fix your Google Search Console Coverage Server Errors(5xx)

This article covers: How to fix Google Search Console Coverage Server Error (5xx) for Magento stores How to create a large number of 301 redirects with Google Sheet Audiences of this article: Magento stores experiencing indexing/coverage issues, which is likely to be caused by changing product categories This could also apply to other types of […]

How to Stop Search Engine Robots from Creating Magento Session

This article covers: Stop bad bots with Apache Fail2Ban Limit good bot access Stop search engine robots from creating Magento sessions Audiences of this article: Magento stores who are effected by excessive bot traffic and the session files are growing at an alarming rate. Stop Bad Bots with Fail2Ban Excessive bot traffic can act like […]

Why Your Magento Store is Running Slow and How to Improve it

This article covers: Magento 1 performance Possible ways to compromise Magento performance & how to fix Audiences of this article: Magento developers who struggle with Magento performance Magento store owners seeking solution to improve their store speed 1. Too Many Attribute Values Not been able to fully understand Magento EAV while putting too many attribute […]

Understand Magento EAV, Flat Tables and Indexing

This article covers: What is Magento EAV What is Magento Flat Table Why Indexing is needed Discussions are based on Magento 1 Audiences of this article: Magento developers who wants refresh their Magento theory, perhaps for the sake of a job interview Anyone who are interested in learning Magento EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) Model When Varien first […]

How to Mass Delete Magento Products by Attribute Set

This article covers: How to delete a large number of products in Magento 1.9 How to delete Magento products by attribute set The server environment: Apache 2.4, PHP 7.1 Magento These days most Magento stores would have some sort of integration with third-party inventory solutions, and sometimes unwanted products get accidentally pushed from inventory […]

How to Create Website Switcher in Magento 2.3

This article covers: How to add website switcher in a multi-website environment How to extend the default Magento Store module The server environment: Apache 2.4, Ubuntu 18.04 Magento 2.3.0 Multi-website configuration, in this case each website has one store view Point it out if incorrect: it appears to us that up until 2.3 there is […]

How to Resolve Magento 2’s Blurry Product Images?

This article covers: How to change default product image sizes in Magento 2 product image cache How to resolve Magento 2’s aggressive image compression The server environment: Apache 2.4, Ubuntu 18.04 Magento 2.2.6 upgraded to 2.3.0 Used imagemagick instead of GD2 After realising Magento 2 has such an aggressive image compression method, I’ve spent quite […]