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Online presence is often the first milestone of many startups, to make the first step a successful one, we put together a website preparation list to help you better understand the scope of we developing. Other than knowing what’s involved to make a good website, you may also want to know what are the cost factors when running a business website, so read on.

Website costs can generally be broke down into four parts, with individual cost factors listed below:

  1. Build
    • Copywriting
    • Photography
    • Graphic design
    • Web developing
    • CMS training
  2. Hosting – varies depends on whether you’re in a dedicated or share hosting environment
    • Hosting fees
    • DNS fees
    • SSL certificate
    • Data backup fees – varies depends on the backup frequency
  3. Update
    • Website content update
    • Change requests
  4. Maintenance
    • Renew SSL certificate
    • Software update
    • Server maintenance fee for dedicated hosting
    • Hosting upgrade

In addition, there’re also other costs from services associated with a website such as:

  1. Domain registration fees
  2. Email hosting fees
  3. Business cards and brochures
  4. Advertising and digital marketing (such as Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimisation)
  5. Email marketing fees
  6. Online storage

Lastly, don’t forget to take your personal time into account. To avoid your web project gets dragged on, plan for your budget and get all required materials ready before the start.

By Ethan

To many, a business is a lifetime commitment. It's easy to start one yet difficult to make it successful. Attitude, skills, experiences and dedication help hone the craft along the way, but it's often the great vision and resilience to remain focused wins the game. Read more about me here