A Solution to Custom Made Products

Nowadays, almost all eCommerce solutions are designed to sell products which are made in factories. When it comes to tailor-made products, which features can be defined according to buyers preference, Magento is one of the few platforms that can handle the functionality requirements thanks to its highly customisable nature.

Where Magento Meets WordPress

Content marketing as a building block of Search Engine Optimisation has been adopted by businesses of all sizes. Creating quality, authentic and unique content is a great way to demonstrate professionalism and industrial experience, which benefit in both organic search ranking and winning customers. WordPress as the No. 1 blogging CMS, combined with Magento can offer the best of both.

Our First Attempt on Magento 2 Development

Compare to Magento 1, the second generation excites both developers and store admins alike. Magento 2 adopted one of the five software design principles – Dependency Inversion to standardise Magento customisation, and Knockout JS to help address the problematic Ajax calls in Magento 1. The future readiness of Magento 2 is the main reason why we decided to take such technology leap.